Every Australian can celebrate

National Agriculture Day!

How you mark the day is up to you, but we’ve gathered a few ideas here to help spark your imagination.

Host an Event

Get friends and family together for an AgDay event. Be sure to register your event to receive a free package of AgDay goodies to help you celebrate!

Wear Your T-Shirt

Wherever you are on AgDay , throw on your I Love Farmers Shirt and share a selfie with the hashtag #AgDayAU!

Attend an Event

There are AgDay events held all across Australia. Keep an eye on our events page for activities happening in your area.

Farmer Time

Farmer Time connects students with farmers. Find out how you can get involved, and help students understand where their food comes from.

Check Out AgDay


Here’s how people celebrated National AgDay in 2023.

Grow you Good Thing!

Photographers of all levels of experience submitted their stunning photos and videos for a chance to win the 2023 Competition. 

And across the country people donned their I Love Farmers T-Shirts and hats for events and lunches with friends, colleagues and family.

Below are some photos from the competition as well as AgDay events around the country. Bring on next AgDay!